Who am I?


Hi!  My name is Candace. I’m a 28 year old Wife and mom of three, two girls- 10 & 8 and one boy- almost 3, we all live here in southeastern North Carolina.  I’m a full time student that was on track in a Nursing Degree program but have recently decided to walk away from that path and found a Graphic Design program that better suits me at this point in time.  I also love photography and do some freelancing when time permits.

This year has been been one disaster after another and I’m not going to lie- I had did not care about my health… I, ignorantly, assumed for the longest time that the absence of ailments or diseases or diagnoses meant that I was in good health.  Not only is this completely wrong- it was a crutch, a flat out denial of any physical trauma I was willingly inflicting onto my body by continuing to live the way I was living.  Constant fast food, no exercise, plenty of couch time and wondering just how in the hell I got so heavy.  Well it’s no wonder how, it is?

So what changed my mind?  

It was earlier this summer when my husband took us to Myrtle Beach for an impromptu vacation.  While we were there my children thought it would be fun to go and have a helicopter ride at the little helicopter road side attraction.  Well after researching it because I wasn’t sure about getting on a helicopter weighing nearly 350 lbs.  I found out that the maximum weight limit for an individual was 300 lbs, so there was no way I could ride even if I wasn’t already unsure.  It was then that I knew something has to change.

I am on this weight loss journey to feel and live better.

Heaviest Weight:    344lbs
Short Term Goal:    -30lbs
Goal Weight:           250lbs
Current Weight:      319lbs

Yep, I’ve lost 25 lbs naturally in THREE MONTHS and all I have done is joined a gym, which I go to three times a week for an hour and a half and eating more vegetables and fruits and less fast foods.  That’s it.  Totally it.  I cannot wait to see how things continue to progress!

Continue to check my blog for current weight and progress.  You can also find me on YouTube, where I also Vlog about my weight loss journey.  Like my Facebook page to keep up with me as well.


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