5 Things Fat Girls Experience While Working Out

Before August 2016 I had never so much as set foot inside a gym.  So we enrolled, my husband- 30 and Myself- 28, at a local gym where he is flourishing.  We have lost nearly an equal amount of weight but he is only slightly overweight for his build whereas I am morbidly obese so it doesn’t look nearly as impressive on my end.

He gets tons of comments about his weight loss and figuratively runs circles around me on the treadmill while I’m still rocking out my 2.5 – 3.0 speed, because, well, it is as fast as my fat ass can currently go.  A small improvement since August.  Sigh.  It still gets to me.  As I continue to try to block him and everyone else out and only focus on myself and MY journey… I have noticed several things that I experience in my workouts that I think are probably typical for women of significant size, well and men too! 😉

#1 – Jealousy

Seriously, why isn’t anyone congratulating me?  We have lost the same damned amount of weight and I literally only get the “Oh, good for you for coming, Fatty” smile.  Why does he have to run right next to me… while I’m struggling with 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill with moderate walking.  Why are plus size workout clothes so damn frumpy… why can’t they be cute like the ones the skinny girls, that come in here with makeup on and never sweat, wear.



#2 – Sweat… A lot of Sweat

So now we can talk about what we all worry about… the sweating.  It’s a complete pain in the ass… sometimes literally as you will also be dripping massive amounts of sweat straight down your butt-crack leaving you feeling completely uncomfortable.  You will grossly sweat underneath your belly apron… or FUPA -whatever they are calling it these days, in between your back fat rolls… You may even wonder if your eyeballs are sweating at some times but no – no those are tears of joy from absolutely crushing those leg presses!



#3 – Invisibility

Biggest fear, anyone?

How about mustering up the courage to get into a gym and walking yourself in and BOOM – all eyes on the fat chick in leggings!

Yep, I thought that would sound absolutely horrific.  Surprisingly enough it couldn’t be farther from reality.  No one looks at you.  It’s almost obvious that they make it a strategic point to not look at you.  This could be because they don’t want to be the one intimidating the new person or because they intentionally zone out and ignore everyone… who knows.  Enjoy your newfound invisibility at the gym and work out like no one is watching… because, well, they aren’t.


#4 – Pain in places you didn’t know existed

If you don’t already know the critical importance of stretching, you will most definitely learn!  You are going to feel muscles you never knew you had.

Not all of it will be pain, sometimes it is just a fatigued feeling – just to remind you that you did an awesome job.  Be careful though and ensure you are using proper form when working out so you don’t badly injure yourself.

Remember, you may still feel that fatigue and a bit or soreness but it shouldn’t be anything unbearable.



#5 – Fatty Fitness Invincibility

fullsizerenderWith all that being said, working out is awesome – probably at any size but I can only speak for plus size.

Not one single stare, the lack of comments on your progress, all the sweat puddles you left around the equipment, not even the brief soreness will diminish your shine when you go in there and accomplish whatever it is that you set out to do- then you leave feeling like you are on top of the world.

Now all you have to worry about is how tough the walk through the parking lot and back to your perfectly air conditioned car is going to be!   Hmmmm… Probably not too bad, right?


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