When good intentions just weren’t good enough

Well, I finally did it. I got off of my rear end and prepped all of my lunches for the week. My lunch preps are usually just salads, consisting of romaine, sometimes also iceberg, spinach, sometimes corn, grilled cubed chicken, skim mozzarella, and chia seed.

It’s just so unfortunate that I spent the time that I did to wash it all, finely chop the spinach, ensure that the gross thick white pieces of romaine didn’t end up in my finished project and prepackage it all just to be throwing it all in the garbage a little over a week later.  Sigh.  I’m just so disgusted with myself.

So…. What happened, right?

Nothing in particular.  Just the ease of getting foods that weren’t ideal.  I still picked myself up and got to the gym, where I have recently implemented extra cardio time for myself and pushing myself a little harder in regards to weight resistance. Lots of stops happened while we were out this week that led to eating out more than I would have liked.  I still tried to abstain from certain foods that I know will trigger me, basically anything with fries and also sweet tea.  Those are very off limits for me, although I have had fries a few times over the last few months and it doesn’t affect me the way I thought it would, but just to be safe… I’ll stay away.

Anyway, this led to my work earlier this week going to waste… going straight into the trash.  All of those good intentions that I had and goals set for myself at the beginning of the week were now a stinking pile of mush.

This is leading me to take this next week very seriously. I *WILL* have at least one good smoothie with greens each day. I *WILL* continue to make sure I get in all of my workouts at the gym.  I *WILL* try my best to disregard senseless cravings and urges to stop and get something easy while we are out in town.  I *WILL* do better.  I *WILL* make those same damn salads again and actually EAT them.  I *WILL* meet my goals.

One bad week will not ruin my journey.


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