Getting back to business!!

It been a rough past two months or so.  Hurricane Matthew ransacked my hometown and though we did not receive and property damage, we are still picking up the pieces as far as financial situations go… that along with the holidays.  I’m sure we are all still feeling that, huh?

That also means that my gym was closed for about 2 weeks, which can put a big damper on anyone’s fitness progress…  I’m happy to say that we have been in there regularly ever since they opened back up.

Food, on the other hand, is a bit out of whack.  We lost a lot of food due to the power being out for nearly two weeks and it was basically cheaper to eat out than to repurchase every single thing that was lost.  So we did that for a couple of weeks.  We are still trying to pick things back up and kick old habits… again.

I have not done donuts, coffee, frappuccinos, fries, burgers, sweet tea, or ice cream.  cupcake-1342958_640I did have cake in November for my son’s third birthday and completely overdid it.  Not happy about that and I think from now on that will be something I aim to avoid entirely because it is likely a strong trigger for me considering the damage I did on those cupcakes.  Shame, shame.  Not letting it get me down though… it happens!

So today, I have still been losing weight… just not so quickly.  My progress has slowed- A LOT!  Which, again, is okay with me.  At least my overall trend is still going down.  I’m currently weighing in at 309 lbs.

I want to talk about 309 for a minute.   I remember in 2013, after the birth of my youngest- Griffin, I got down to about 270 lbs… when the weight began to creep back up I vividly remember being at 309 lbs.  I was there for months and months… it took a long time and HORRIBLE habits to gain weight beyond 309 lbs.

At the time, I was totally okay with being at that particular weight… but once I noticed that I was going beyond- it was completely unnerving.  I didn’t know how to lose weight- I had never previously *tried* to lose any weight.  This is literally my first real attempt.

The fact that I am yet again, stuck here around 309 lbs, is scary.  I’m trying to hold it together and get my head straight.  This is a big challenge for me to overcome.  I have become a bit lenient with myself lately and will have to be cold and strict in order to get past this crazy number on the scale.  I can will do it.

A new short term goal became of this realization.  I am trying to lose 10 pounds over the next month.  My goal is to be UNDER 300 lbs by February 2017.  I will keep you updated here and on all my other social media accounts and youtube.  Do you have any new short term or long term goals?  I want to hear about them!


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