Running in circles around the couch

2017 started for me with a big freaking bang.  A desperate vow to myself to get under 300lbs by the end of January!  I had been stalling out in my weight loss for at least the last two months of the year and needed to get under 300lbs just to justify continuing on.

I hit the gym hard- I slipped up on food because working out more meant I was also more hungry- often hangry- which in turn often led to undesirable food decisions.  So, I decided to start running- you know, as fast  and as long as my body would allow me.

I was happy with the enthusiasm I was showing in exercise and working out.  It felt amazing- but I still wasn’t losing any weight because the nutrition wasn’t completely there.

Then we had to take a short road trip to Baltimore to handle some financial things.  Trip+hotel+ take out+ stress – exercise = no weight loss.  Stressing with school work as well and you have one big FAT recipe for no progress at all.  I’ve only been to the gym TWICE in the past almost four weeks.  Twice!  I’ve been eating some things I really need to stay away from.  And on top of it all- I now have to rest my body to prepare for a relaunch, so to speak.  I have a past hip injury from a trampoline when I was younger and it is flaring up for the past week or so.  Hip flexion and extension, including just rolling over in bed, is uncomfortable and sometimes excruciating.  I’ll be stretching that area and working on upper body at home while it recovers.

Today is a new starting point.  I am at 311 today, I have been fluctuating between about 308 lbs- 312 lbs for months now.  I’m tired of looking at the scale.  I know what I need to do to feel good.

I will remove those foods that I know I don’t need, that I definitely need to stay away from.  I will continue to heal my body and to bounce back in my gym because it has been very hard to be away.  I miss it.  Next week?  We’ll see! 😉



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