Don’t Crop My Muffintop!

In my own journey for better health, I think that I have a far greater understanding and acceptance of who I am, what my body can do, and what my body looks like.  It’s pretty damn bothersome to me to find everyone else, even those close to me so uncomfortable with my fat body.  IMG_7520


My body is my own vessle and at time it may be a struggle, but damn it, it is my own struggle.  Yes, I own it.  People still make it sound dirty, or act as if they are keeping my dark secret.  I am here to tell you that, baby, it is not any secret.  My body is fat, my body is working toward health, my body is beautiful, and my body is no secret.

Don’t call me fat, chubby, plump, or even thick (eyeroll)… censored-1726364_640it isn’t cute.  I am Candace, and I just happen to have a fat body.  I am NOT fat.  It does NOT define me.  It only describes the way I look.  I ask you to accept me, accept my body, accept the changes that may come, and accept it if my body stays the same forever.

What I’m really saying, what is really bothering me is this.  Don’t crop photos of me to my chest or higher.  So what, someone is going to see a picture of my muffintop or f.u.p.a.  Pfft, who cares?!  Post it, even if you think it is unflattering- or even if you hate it.  It is my body and I am damn proud.  Don’t censor my body to make everyone else comfortable and then pretend it was to protect my feeling.


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